Why the U.S. Is Better
December 9, 2013, 6:03 pm
Filed under: Gambling, USA

I often get bored with prestiging up in MW3, Black Ops, etc., so I take time out to play freebie Texas Holdem on PokerStars. It passes the time, and I’ve managed to acquire 8 million totally worthless free chips there. Besides, it isn’t so bandwidth-intensive I freeze up like with multi-player battles.

PokerStars has this nifty color-coded customizable label system, wherein you can identify the other players. There are eight different color/text labels (nine, if you count “(no label)” as one, which I don’t). I initially had those set to “Rock”, “Wildman”, “Expert Player”, “Tight Player”, “Too Loose”… you get the idea. But playing the freebie tables, I noticed a trend, and changed my labels accordingly. Every player identified as being in Europe played like an idiot. Seriously. So I made a label called “EuroTrash.” It’s color-coded blue. People from the U.S. were generally much better players. I labeled them “Gringos”, and color-coded them purple. Initially, I coded Canadians as Gringos, too, but found that they tended to play like Europeans, so sorry, Canuckistan, you are EuroTrash to me. At least on PokerStars.

Asians and South Americans, ditto on the EuroTrash label. They all play like idiots. I’m sure that there are good player on other continents, other countries, but they’re playing for real money, aren’t they.


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